Paragon Outdoor Gazebo with Furniture underneath

This type of luxury is what you would find at a resort on a fancy vacation. You can bring it home, right to you.

Enjoy Paragon Outdoor Gazebos while entertaining friends and family. Or while working from home, or reading under the shade. Check out these cant-miss options from our catalog.
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Paragon Outdoor Siena

Siena 12x12

Siena 12x16

Imagine it's summer and what you need is that shady spot that helps to block the sun's rays and heat. Even if that untimely rain shower threatens your dinner party, the special composite roof on the Siena Screen Room turns rain noise into a soft pitter-patter that adds to the ambiance of being outdoors. The screen doors keep the bugs and mosquitoes out and turn this gazebo into a true Screen House.

This rugged gazebo is made of aluminum and steel. Available is two convenient, standard sizes: 12’ X 12’ (144 square feet) and 12’ X 16’ (192 square feet). The vertical posts are aluminum, and the rails holding up the roof are aluminum with steel inserts for strength. Base plates at the bottom of each post that the gazebo sits on are made of steel.

The Siena Screen Room has sliding screen doors on all 4 sides. Not only do they keep the unwanted bugs out, they act as a shield from the setting sun reducing the glare so you can enjoy your end of day.

The dome shaped roof is a sophisticated composite of layers of aluminum and polyethylene core, and multiple layers of finishes and coatings. The underside has a white-cream color finish that adds a wonderful glow during the day and into the evenings. Even candlelight reflects back down and illuminates the area at nighttime.


Paragon Outdoor Cambridge

Cambridge 12x12

Cambridge 12x16

Whether you are enjoying a cold beverage or entertaining guests, the Cambridge Gazebo from Paragon-Outdoor Provides the shade and comfort you need while enjoying quality time outdoors. This stunning domed-roof gazebo heightens your backyards look and feel, making everyday feel like a vacation getaway. Available is two convenient, standard sizes: 12’ X 12’ (144 square feet) and 12’ X 16’ (192 square feet). The Cambridge is brilliantly constructed with a combination of architectural grade, long lasting materials. A reinforced aluminum, rust resistant frame adds to the stability and durability, while the noise reducing, insulated aluminum composite roof keeps you and your outdoor furniture covered with style. Whether you decide to position it on a patio, grass, or by a pool, Hardware bolts and garden stakes are included to secure this gazebo safely into any ground. Rest assured, this gazebo is specifically designed for easy assembly.


Paragon Outdoor Madrid

Madrid 11x13

Rain or shine, every moment spent underneath the Madrid hard top gazebo is guaranteed relaxation from start to finish. Whether it's a break from the summer sun or to enjoy a candle light evening with friends, the attractive Madrid is an unforgettable experience of pure outdoor enjoyment. The Madrid’s decorative triangular posts and frame structure are all aluminum and powder coated in a brown/bronze shade to ensure years of worry free use.

The roof panels are 6 mm (0.2 in.) thick with a unique Louvre built in between the twin layers of polycarbonate for added reinforcement and durability. As the sun moves across the sky during the day, it almost seems as if the Louvres are following the sun, keeping you comfortable under the protective covering of your Madrid gazebo.

The roof on the Madrid is UV resistant and offers up to 25% reduction of inside temperature compared to regular non louvered polycarbonate gazebos.

Paragon Outdoor Durham

Durham 10x12

Durham 11x13

Whether you are relaxing with a good book or entertaining guests, the Durham Gazebo will instantly add up to 143 sq. ft. of luxury and elegance to your backyard. With its multi-layer aluminum frame and roof, this gazebo is virtually maintenance free, rust free, and built to last for years of enjoyment. This gazebo offers privacy you’ve been longing for, while blocking out 100% of the sun's harsh rays. Turn this elegant extension of your home to an outdoor paradise for your family and friends.

Paragon Outdoor Santa Monica

Santa Monica 

The Santa Monica Gazebo provides the luxury you deserve to set your mind at ease with some shade and a cool breeze during a sunny afternoon. Even if that untimely rain shower threatens your day, the special composite roof on the Santa Monica Gazebo turns falling rain noise into a soft pitter-patter, adding to the tranquility of being outdoors.

Whether on a patio, off in the distance, or by the pool, this stylish architectural design fits well into any backyard setting. This Gazebo is as solid and sturdy as they come constructed with a heavy gauge, weather resistant aluminum structure and a multi-layer aluminum composite roof with a reinforced polyethylene core. The Santa Monica Is guaranteed comfort and pleasure for years to come.

The underside is a beautiful crème color that reflects candle light in the evening for a calming experience.

For added stability, this Gazebo can be anchored to concrete or wooden deck surfaces, and all anchors are conveniently hidden by a decorative base cover to achieve a clean and pleasing look.

Whether it is a romantic occasion, enjoying a good book, or entertaining family and friends; the Santa Monica Gazebo is guaranteed to make any outdoor experience extra special.